Some Vegetables Full in Vitamins and Antioxidants

Antioxidants are nature so as to fight diseases such as cancer. Vitamins got in fruits and vegetable vitamin. Food therapy, apply of nutrient as a disease-specific approach address based on the nature of a natural way to help humanity. You can provide nutrients vegetables, vitamins, and minerals specified fruit. Vegetable vitamin too brings an essential part for those who are wellness aware and the care of a fit and well-balanced diet. Studies have shown the strength of veggies while it refers wellness. Present are ten vegetables valuable in foods for vegetable vitamin.

1. Kale
Kale is also known as the kicking Vulcanized. A purple or green color is. This highly nutritious are vegetables and powerful antioxidants. And it has full in vegetables and vitamins specified vitamin k, vegetables and vitamin c, healthy vitamins, calcium and important carotene and xanthophylls in vegetable vitamin. It's too plentiful in alkrbenol acid indole-3, a substance that helps the cells repair DNA.

2. Spinach
This is original green in the countries of Central Asia and the South West of the country of getting vegetable vitamin. A large green leaves with yellow flowers. And full in whole vitamins, B1, B2. Minerals specified Ca, K, magnesium and fatty acids omega-3 and many others. It's really full in antioxidants, particularly when consumed fresh or cooked in steam or quick porridge.

3 Brussels sprouts
This vegetable is cultivar that belongs to the grouping of wild cabbage vegetable vitamin. It's low, leafy unripe buds, which are very rich in vegetable vitamin and antioxidants. Like broccoli, it is a heart and soul titled sulforaphane, which seems to accept anti-cancer properties. There is also alkrbenol acid indole-3 to strengthen the cells DNA repair.

4 Alfalfa sprouts
This plant is part of the plants to flowers from the family Fabaceae. It resembles trefoil with little chromatic flowers that grow in the cluster. It's full in vitamins defined vitamin B, vitamins c, vitamins e and also rich in protein and Ca.
5. Broccoli
Broccoli consists to a italic cultivar group of Brassica oleracea. It looks like a cauliflower which too consists to as is group. Green heads of the edible stem. It is full in vegetable vitamin and fiber. And it includes articles which are the cancer of the breast by using vegetable vitamin. Power supply high broccoli proved efficient versus prostatic adenocarcinoma and a heart attack.

6. Beets
It can be products as the common beet or sugar beet garden. Some elements are applied in the product of sugar flexible using vegetable vitamin. Beets are also very full in sugars, protein and fiber.

7. Red bell pepper
It consists to the Group of cultivars of chili pepper also carries vegetable vitamin. They're normal to United Mexican States, middle and South America. Pepper is called paprika. Red Peppers are full in ascorbic acid and article the lycopene is an antioxidant. Vitamin c Orange gives three times.

8 Onions
Onion, also called onion consists to the family of blame. It is used as a food or garnish for different food products. Looking on the kind, can be a mild, sweet, spicy onion or spicy. Chemicals are supposed to have anti-inflammatory, anticancer, wanticholistirol. Christine, a heart and soul got in onions is food rich in antioxidants.
9 Corns
It can get an alternative model of a grain of rice for a few states. It’s similar to bamboo. Mature, yellowish beads attached in the comb. The corn is too rich in sugars, protein, vulcanized fiber and extra nutrients in vegetable vitamin.

10 Eggplants
And have several names like Eggplant Eggplants and Zucchini wemilongini Guinea. It consists to the nightshade house and genus Solanum. It closely related to the tomato plant and white potato, which as well consists to the nightshade home. Eggplant fruits such as berries after the low tender seeds. It's accustomed treat high cholesterol in vegetable vitamin. A beneficial root from potassium, folic acid and keeps the organization of free radicals that cause cancer.


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